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    At The Employment Rights Law Firm of Danielle Obiorah, P.C., we are focused on providing outstanding legal representation to government and private sector employees. Our managing partner is an experienced employment rights attorney with a background that includes positions with the United States Postal Service (USPS).

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  • Who We Represent

    We represent all federal employees, anywhere in the world. If you work for a federal agency and are facing unfair treatment in the workplace we can help you.

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  • Our Fees

    We offer outstanding legal services and fair and reasonable rates. We offer representation in discrete areas, if you are being investigated for potential disciplinary action, you can retain us to represent you during the investigation only. We can also represent you in mediations or provide representation during the EEO investigation, without you being obligated to continue our services. Likewise, we can represent you at hearings only or on appeals.

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